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The Writings of Thomas G. Kabele

More of our work will be available at this site over the upcoming weeks. Most documents are available as both PDF and Word documents. Reading a word file requires correct configuration of your web browser.


  • Reinsurance Problems In Personal Accident, Workers Compensation and Other Lines of Business
  • Sample Coinsurance/Modco treaty
  • Discussion of Coinsurance/Modco

Insurance Taxation

  • Life Insurance Companies are Paying Too Much Federal Income Tax
  • Taxation of Annuities
  • Taxation of Policyholders
  • Marginal tax rates

Loss Reserves


  • Exhibit 2 yield rates
  • References to other Insurance Sites
  • Aviation Reinsurance Study
  • Valuing Insurance Blocks (Record Society of Actuaries)
  • The Donald Cody Dividend Formula (Society of Actuaries)


  • GAAP for Mutual Companies (Record Society of Actuaries)


  • to be added


  • Deontic Logic (logic of duty, privilege, powers, immunities)
  • Setoff vs. Recoupment

Historical Actuarial Papers